Innovation and competence come from and through people, not machines.

The people at UBA Tec Europa GmbH have been living and working together for years. We know our suppliers personally. Trust and a long-term approach characterize our unifying actions. This is how our products are, this is how we are for our customers. We work for our customers and with our customers. The cooperation with our customers is geared towards the long term. Our strengths are your benefits.

Professional competence is simple planning and practical handling, construction site-compatible and cost-saving application, and competent and well-founded information and consulting service.

Expertise and responsibility are the professional skills we pass on. Changes in regulations, new trends, new standards and laws present challenges for the planner and user. In fire protection we provide competent knowledge.

Know-how and innovative efforts in the execution of penetration seals for piping systems form the basis of UBA Tec Europa GmbH and an independent profile on the market. We take care of preventive structural fire protection in building services. All information, developments and production are coordinated at one location. This ensures that the know-how reaches our customers as added value in the products and in the consulting.

We are represented throughout Germany. Our competent advice is provided via all common media. We work cost-consciously and efficiently. Our documentation and services are strictly application-oriented.

This gives you the knowledge of a company whose original expertise is rooted in the planning and execution of building services installations.
You will receive competent information from experts for your daily work without tedious and time-consuming search for the right information.

We conduct basic research. Clear goals are in the foreground: Simplification of applications for our customers.

Research is to process customer requests. Our basic research should release knowledge, enable new paths, allow other paths. Development at UBA Tec Europa GmbH is more than a process. It is a basic attitude, an attitude to allow, apply and implement knowledge of all participants. For this purpose, fire tests are permanently carried out to ensure safety.

The result: products that prove themselves in planning, application and use. Products that are easy to use.

Our strengths are your benefits.

The ease of use of fire protection products is the deciding factor. Simple self-explanatory products avoid errors and unnecessary costs.

Fire protection products must harmonize with other systems. To ensure that everything that belongs together always fits together, we attach great importance to products that are versatile and have as few restrictions as possible in their use.

We test construction types in order to be able to derive applications suitable for construction sites.

Easy handling on the construction site creates safe fire protection and simple construction acceptance. You get security for safe acceptance without additional costs.

A satisfied customer needs (k)a product quality, every customer can expect that. Quality is more than just a durable product.

For all developments and innovations, we rely on proven processes and materials. New materials have to withstand many years of testing before they can be used.

At our company, products are made by people, not assembly lines. Today’s modern and efficient production relies on well-coordinated and responsible production teams. In the process, processes are continuously reviewed and monitored. This means that all employees are involved in the creation of the products.

In addition, our products, warehouses and production facilities are monitored by independent institutes.

Our applications are also tested again and again. Sound tests, fire tests, mechanical strength tests ensure the quality in the application. We are particularly critical in this regard. Testing a little harder than necessary is in the best interest of our customers.

Thus, our quality is not a coincidence but a daily challenge. This is what our customers can expect.

Our strengths are your benefits.