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Aluminum adhesive tape

  • For fixing the UBA plate/UBA-Flex/UBA-W4/9 mat
  • Width 50 mm
  • Length 50 m

Identification plate

UBA Tec system pipe penetration seals for cast iron pipes
with material change according to abZ No. Z-19.17-2075
(this identification plate is enclosed with the UBA-BV fire protection connector).


Identification plate

UBA Tec system pipe penetration seals for cast iron pipes
according to abP No. P-BWU03-I 17.6.1
for cast iron pipe installations
DN 50 to DN 150

Identification plate

System UBA-Tec
according to abP No. P-BWU03-I 17.6.6 UBA-UNI
for drinking water/heating penetration seals – copper/stainless steel/steel/ multilayer composite pipes up to DN 50

Identification plate

System UBA-Tec/ UBA-Plate/ UBA-Flex/ UBA-Kitt
According to the facilitations of the MLAR 2016
for pipe penetrations
– combustible piping up to da ≤ 32 mm
– non-combustible piping up to da ≤ 160 mm

Reducing rubber / reducing rings

For direct connection of plastic pipe to the UBA-BV fire protection connector.

UBA Tec Reduzierringe / Reduziergummi

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