Test certificates and approvals

Certificate (PDF)
Content / Information
abZ No. Z-19.17-2075Pipe bulkhead cast iron pipe with plastic pipe connection, mixed installation
abP P-BWU03-I 17.6.1Pipe bulkheading for cast iron pipelines
abP P-BWU03-I 17.6.6Pipe bulkheading for copper, steel, stainless steel, metal composite pipe.
abZ No. Z-19.11-2387Insulation-forming building material UBA-Kitt+
abZ No. Z-19.11-2100Insulation-forming building material UBA-Flex
aBG No. Z-19.53-2564Pipe bulkheading for plastic pipes in ceilings
abZ No. Z-19.17-2293Pipe sleeve for use as a pipe bulkhead for plastic pipe
abP P-2005-6-2460-03Fire behavior classification, UBA-W mat, validity period until 20.09.2025
UBA-BV TÜV ReportConnector testing for cast iron pipe
UBA-BV TÜV ReportConnector testing for plastic pipes

Product data sheets

Data sheet (PDF)Description
UBA-BV… is a fire protection connector for partitioning in mixed installations.
UBA-Flex… is wrapped around the pipeline in the wall/ceiling area.
UBA-KS sleeve… Pipe bulkheading for plastic pipes in ceilings.
UBA putty+… is for sealing during core drilling.
UBA-W mat… is a more advanced insulation.
UBA-W4 strip… is a gap seal for diameter compensation.
Reducing rings… for direct connection of plastic pipe to the UBA-BV fire protection connector.
Accessories… what else is needed.

Assembly / and installation instructions

ProductDownload tutorial
UBA-KS sleevePDF

Tender texts

Pipe sealing according to abZ No. Z-19.17-2075 for cast iron pipe with/without plastic pipe connection (mixed installation)PDF | DOC
Pipe sealing according to abP No. BWU03-I 17.6.1 for cast iron pipePDF | DOC
Pipe sealing according to abP No. P-BWU03-I 17.6.6 UBA-UNI for pipes made of steel, stainless steel and copperPDF | DOC
Pipe bulkheading according to aBG no. Z-19.53-2564 for plastic pipePDF | DOC
Pipe penetration seal according to the facilitations of MLAR 2016 chap. 4.3 through F90 ceilings/wallsPDF | DOC

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